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O LORD, our Lord, How majestic is Your name in all the earth...
- Book of Proverbs Daily Devotional -
18 years ago, by the Grace of God, I quit drinking. I attended AA meetings back then and really felt a very close spiritual connection with God (I still do). I was reaching out to God in a way I had never done before. I needed his help to stop drinking and start moving forward with my life. I sincerely reached out to Him, and He reached out to me. The longer I was sober the more I wanted to stay sober and that happened only with God's help. I felt the need for a daily devotional.
That was before I had computers so I decided to start asking around and see what other people did. At that time I had started watching a lot of  Christian TV. One evening I heard a sermon about how the Book of Proverbs makes a wonderful Daily Devotional. 31 Chapters, 31 days in the month. I new right then that I had found my Daily Devotional... I started reading Proverbs every day. (there was a couple days with heart surgery etc. that I did miss)
That was probably 15-16 years ago. I still look forward to my reading time every day.
I'm not perfect and I know that, I know I'm just a sinner like everyone else but I also know there are times that God has blessed me when I expected nothing and then blessed me way beyond my worthiness and expectations.
I credit the time I spend reading His word every day to those blessings that are beyond expectations worthiness. I'm not sure that I'm right about that and I know there isn't anything I did to deserve the Blessings I've received.
Proverbs are not long, it only takes a few minutes a day. I'm pretty sure if you start today and are faithful in your reading that God will bless you. I do know 100%, if you you reach out to Him, He will reach out to you. If you're faithful to Him, He will be faithful to you.
With all that said, I have decided to add all 31 chapters of Proverbs here at I have added a picture on each page along with the scripture. I have links on the Proverbs pages for each chapter. Or you can Bookmark this page and come back every day to enjoy you Daily Proverbs right here at
Proverbs 1 Proverbs 12 Proverbs 23
Proverbs 2 Proverbs 13 Proverbs 24
Proverbs 3 Proverbs 14 Proverbs 25
Proverbs 4 Proverbs 15 Proverbs 26
Proverbs 5 Proverbs 16 Proverbs 27
Proverbs 6 Proverbs 17 Proverbs 28
Proverbs 7 Proverbs 18 Proverbs 29
Proverbs 8 Proverbs 19  Proverbs 30
Proverbs 9 Proverbs 20 Proverbs 31
Proverbs 10 Proverbs 21
Proverbs 11 Proverbs 22

 Click Here for a larger picture.
I've decided to give my Proverbs pages a home of their own. I will start a new site This will make it easier to remember and easier for me to work with that many pages. I'm not sure how long it will take me to complete that project but probably in to November.
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